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Last weekend Flickering Myth was given the opportunity to view a press screening of 10 Cloverfield Lane and interview stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead, John Goodman and director Dan Trachtenberg in a roundtable discussion with other journalists.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead was charming and spoke highly of her passion for the project, her regard for Goodman and Trachtenberg as well as other interests she has.

I kind of started picking up on it a few days into production. I mean, he could be so sweet and loveable and then as soon as they call action, I mean, his voice is what would really get to me. MEW: And he does it so well which was so surprising. You’re the guy I’ve been loving since I was a kid and wanted to give a hug to and now you’re terrifying.” MEW: Yeah, in the vent, that was pretty intense.

Of course she has to gain even more strength and even more skills, but she’s not some dumb little girl who has to learn a lesson in order to progress.That was my first big kind of break in the realm of the horror world. MEW: Not for my role, it didn’t really feel like a horror movie when I was making it. Like you said, one of your big breaks was in the Final Destination film and Cloverfield Lane feels, at times, a bit like psychological horror because you’re spending a lot of the time questioning what is and isn’t real. MEW: That’s something I was really drawn to because I think I was able to go into it thinking a bit more of this psychological horror character piece and less of this big, action sci-fi thing. It sort of took the pressure off, like I’m just going to go in and act with John Goodman and we’re going to have this cat and mouse game. I’ve tried to a couple times and then schedule has never worked out and I’m also pretty intimidated by it, but I would love the challenge of it, at some point, to try it. I think, I’m not really sure what it would be, but I would like to try something in that.It felt more like a comedy so that one I always forget about and then I’m like “Oh yeah, that was a horror movie”. It really felt, sometimes, like doing a piece of theatre or something because you’re really just on these sets and we’re playing the scenes out in chronological order. MEW: I do, I wanted to be a ballerina for a long time and then switched to acting. (Laughs) MEW: It actually started quite a while ago.So it wasn’t something that was connected in a very linear way.It was “you know what we did in Cloverfield, we took this very big idea and sort of made it fresh and new and that’s what we want to do in this film”.

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